Evaluate the Main Cause of Cracks and Then Select the Kind of Repair Needed

Concrete slabs help in making the foundation stronger. They work as base after foundation is set up. Concrete is made of steel rods with concrete blended with it. It’s hard and solid mostly of 10cm to 50 cm thickness. Industrial buildings use thick slabs on the ground floor to make the base strong. It is the groundwork of any building that has to be good to retain strength of the building.

Concrete slabs are made of different designs but the top surface remains flat. When concrete cracks or breaks from a place, it is repaired by various methods which will be discussed below. However, most concrete repair companies follow the same procedure but, it completely depends what kind of material they use while repairing.

A good renowned company will give you warranty of many years. However, even if a company gives you warranty of five years and after five years when you approach them, you find that the company has closed down then, all your money goes waste. Thus, check for the right company after doing proper research.

There are few types of repair of concrete that you should be aware of –

  • Epoxy injection is a procedure where the crack is cleaned properly so that all dust and debris is removed from it properly and is cleaned with a brush. Then epoxy liquid is injected which is left to dry and seal the gap so that epoxy doesn’t flow out from it, in one or two weeks your house is strengthened.
  • Routing with sealing is another technique in which crack is enlarged and then filled with joint sealant. It is simpler than epoxy injection technique, but it can be done only on vertical or curved surface.
  • Stitching concrete is also a procedure where metal rods are stapled on both parts of the crack and these metal rods are U shaped. Both sides of the cracks are drilled and cleaned properly so that the metal rod could be stapled on it.

  • Grouting is allowed when you have to stop water leakage from any cracks. This technique includes mixture of water and cement or sand and cement but it doesn’t help in bonding the cracks but just stops further leakage.

There are various other techniques that are used in repairing concrete. Some companies still use the old techniques of inserting fitting in holes. However, any technique shouldn’t be bad if your professionals have proper tools and devices. Nowadays, advance tools are used for efficient work. It improves the excellence of work and saves time.

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