Most Favoured Health Insurance Plans

There are many excellent health insurance plans available in India these days. However, not every plan is perfect for you. This is because health insurance is person-specific. Your individual needs are different from those of others and so you need to find the most favourable health insurance plan for yourself. Take a look at this article to know more about how to choose from among the best health insurance plans.

Never miss these things about health insurance plans

So what exactly makes one plan stand out from among the other health insurance plans? Well, it is the suitability and the catering to requirements. This means that the plan that’s ideal for you, should suit every need of yours. To ensure that happens, you should look for the following in the health insurance plan that you select:

  1. Premium: The cost of a health insurance plan is crucial. It is vital that you choose a health plan which is affordable to you. Everyone wants a large cover, but if you end up paying a premium that is too high, the entire health cover may end up being a liability to you. You will then find it difficult to pay the premiums and may even end up as a defaulter. So keep a close eye on the premium when buying your ideal plan and get the best possible cover at the most reasonable price that you can.
  2. Deductible: Every health plan has the deductible component to it. This is the amount that you agree to pay at the time of a claim. The insurance provider pays the higher share, but you are required to pay a smaller share too. Choose a deductible that is fair and affordable. This will also help fix your premium amount and keep your savings protected at the time of a claim. So be very cautious about the deductible component of a health plan.
  3. Renewability: The best health insurance plans always have a lifelong renewability option. Look for a plan that allows you to renew it at all ages. This will help you to keep your health insured till the last day of your life.
  4. Waiting period: You have to check the waiting period of the pre-existing illnesses. Most plans have similar waiting periods, but some special concessions are made in special cases. Always look for a plan that has a shorter waiting period for a certain pre-existing illness that you may have.
  5. Claim process: Last but not the least, you should choose a plan that has a simple and uncomplicated claim process. Speak to the insurance provider to understand the exact claim process and then go ahead with purchase.

If you keep stock of these factors mentioned above, you will surely end up with one of the best and the most useful health insurance plans.

Why you can’t miss out on buying health insurance plans?

As you may have already guessed, health insurance plans are a staple for everyone these days. You cannot take the risk of living without a proper health cover in place. This is because health insurance offers two vital protections. They are:

  • Protects your health: First and foremost, a health insurance plan protects your health. You can afford the best forms of healthcare and access the top hospitals if you have a health cover. With healthcare becoming so expensive, it is difficult to stay healthy without the help of the health insurance plans.
  • Protects your finances: Misfortunes strike at any time. If you suddenly fall ill, or meet with an accident, you would require to get admitted in a hospital. At such a time, your savings can drain out very fast. You therefore need a health cover. With the help of the insurance plan, you can pay the hospital bills and still keep your bank account intact. This is a major reason why you can’t miss out on buying a health insurance plan.


So as you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, there is no substitute to health insurance. You can choose from a wide range of health insurance plans and find your ideal cover in no time. This will not only help you to stay protected, it will also help you to keep your money safe. So without wasting any further time, make a list of what you need from a health cover. Then, explore the various health insurance plans and locate your ideal policy.

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