Tips for Saving Money on Packaging Material and Cardboard Boxes!


As an entrepreneur or a business manager of a small business, you probably recognize the need for effective packaging. It works as a marketing tool, gives scope for brand recognition and encourages curiosity. However, most businesses are concerned about two major aspects –

  1. Getting customized packaging material and cardboard boxes in budget
  2. Reducing cost of storage

It is also important to understand the production process, anticipated sales figure, and possible changes in the marketing plan.

Below, we have listed down a few tips that may come handy for saving bucks on each other.

  • Order in bulk. Bulk orders always qualify for better pricing, and if you are dealing with a regular supplier, you can always get special discounts, as well. However, there are a few things to note here. Firstly, consider if you are going to use the same packaging in the first place. Businesses often need to renovate with their boxes and packaging material, which is a part of the marketing process. Secondly, consider where you will stock the order. If not protected from weather and other factors, cardboard and paper boxes can get damaged, but we have solution for that later.
  • Avoid layering. If you go for extensive layering for your product, the costs will increase inevitably. Since customization is an important step, focus on that, but try and reduce extra requirements to the best possible level.

  • Find more on the actual requirements. In the process of innovation, brands often forget the purpose of packaging, which is about ensuring that the product reaches the customers in the right shape and as intended without damage. Do your homework when it comes to what kind of packaging you really need. Yes, you can tailor the design of the box, but don’t let that increase the costs.
  • Save with effective storage. Many cardboard and box manufacturers do offer storage for an extra price. For example, if you check Belley warehouse for boxes, you will find that the company has some amazing packages for storage, so that customers can save both space and money. Such services allow you to place a bulk order, without being bothered about inventory.

Finally, try and reduce the weight of your packaging, which will also help in saving transportation and postal costs. Hire the best designers, who can suggest ideas for boxes and other materials, keeping your brand requirements and marketing goals in mind.

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